Colony11 was founded by Hadi Saraf and some young, talented and creative people in 2003. We have been making animation until 2012. Since that time, based on the potentials of the team, we came into making games with the primary purpose of either creating new ideas or devising early ideas in order to make more fantastic games. We are always trying to adopt the team knowledge and experience with the new needs and demands of the players. Focusing on mobile platform, we have the ability to make games for PC/Console platforms too.
Team of highly experienced
Industry experience:
8 years
8+ mobile games
1 000 000+


The Turquoise Guardian

At the heart of a legendary city over a great rock, there is a mysterious fish, which is the origin of energy and life of the city. Akouman is trying to reach the power of the fish by stealing it and find immortality. But there is guardian who is ready to protect the city against him, the turquoise guardian.
We believe the highest quality work is created in an environment where people enjoy working and where everyone is treated fairly, honestly and with respect.

Back From the Otherside

Zed, the sheriff, has always protected the city against its long time enemy, Kharash. But this time Kharash has a serious plan to ruin the city with the aid of his allies. Zed discovers it and looks after his old friends as well as the only one who can kill Kharash, Speedy.
We believe in pursuing new and promising methods, solutions and designs that can provide efficiency and introduce a greater level of creativity.

The Race

Two boys are playing with their remote toy cars. But the cars are really racing and trying to win the game. During the race, they face with some problems. But nothing can stop them to lose the game.
Our Research group is always interested in creating a local innovation ecosystem around new technologies relevant to the animation industry.

The Dumb Ways

The family always use dumb ways to solve their house energy related problems. But each time they messed up until Baba Barqi comes and describe the right way.
Deploying new pipelines and optimizing the procedures was one of the featured characteristics of Imam.


Freak Masters

Freak Masters

Freak Master, a fantastic game to compete and show your brain abilities and skills to your friends.
Bezan Bezan

Dust Up

The neighbors are in a real battle by throwing everything they have In hand for no reason LoL

Jenab Run

This game is based on a famous TV show puppet that racing on roads in several environments to reach his love, Ahlam
Hit Boy


run, jump and destroy your enemies.
as a cubic character, in this game your are going to go over obstacles and defeat your enemies…
Battle Farm

Battle Farm

Battle Farm is an RTS game that is about a story in which the sheep and the pigs are each other’s enemies…
Dash Monster

Dash Monster

Dash Monsters is a 3D endless runner game with side scrolling camera view and fantasy cubic art style…


An amazing Runner Game, Robo Run, with three runners, four environments and different abilities and power ups. The runners teleport to…


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